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[personal profile] brigid writes an ongoing series of creepypasta-style stories, instructions on uncovering the uncanny in Chicago in the style of 200 Phenomena in the City of Calgary. They're tagged in her journal as Secret Chicago.
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Over in my journal I've made a few posts throughout the month to help people get psyched for Halloween, which you can find under my "trick or treat" tag! Most of the content will probably be familiar if you've been stalking the internets for quick and dirty horror for a while, but maybe it'll inspire you to hunt down some old favorites tonight.
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well, it creeped me out.

Seriously, that thing just looks like a creepypasta waiting to happen.
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This is a little piece I wrote as a companion piece to Bete Noir.

Title: The Face at the Window
Author: [personal profile] rontgenkatze
Rating: G
Word Count: 301
Author's Notes:This is such a cool community.

The Face at the Window )
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And links to the entries:

[personal profile] instantramen's "Jashi" is here
[profile] rontgenkatzen's "Bete Noire" is here.

Poll #612 Contest winners!
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Vote for your favourite original creepypasta!

rontgenkatzen - Bete Noire
3 (50.0%)

instantramen - Jashi
3 (50.0%)

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Okay, sorry for this being rather late; offline life kind of jumped up and bit me, and I've been a bit distracted lately. In any case, we only actually had two entrants with written content and only one with artwork, so... congrats, [personal profile] pitseleh, you win in the artwork section by default! Let me know which account you'd like your paid time on, just in case you'd prefer it on another. As for the written pastas, I'll put a poll up in the next few minutes and leave voting open for the next week. So sorry again for this being late!
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Title: Bete Noire (Dark Beast)
Author: [personal profile] rontgenkatze
Synopsis: She didn't remember opening the window
Word Count: 166
Warnings: None
Rating: G
Author’s Notes: First time poster. All comments/criticisms welcome.

Bete Noire )
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Some more delicious fresh pasta, courtesy of /x/. I kind of liked this one, figured I'd share.

Anybody remember Candle Cove? )


May. 29th, 2009 11:03 am
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To bring a little life to this community and maybe mess with your whole Friday, I'm going to share a story I read a few weeks ago that kinda scared the crap out of me. Because I'm a little anal about presentation and this is longer than your standard creepypasta, I've done a little light editing for improved readability and for quicker reference to the footnotes provided by the translator. You can read the original translation here.

Jashi )
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Just a note: the Original Content Contest deadline is being extended for another... let's say two weeks? This is partly because we've not had many entries yet, but mostly because some really unexpected financial stuff cropped up for me and I don't actually have the money available for prizes. I sincerely apologise for this. Give me a fortnight to sort stuff out, and also... post some creepy stuff! Pictures, stories, weird stuff that's happened to you, nightmares, unsettling thoughts... :)

While I am here, I bring you a creepypasta I had actually never seen before today (though it might be an old one that I'd just missed). Short and sweet.

There was a hunter in the woods, after a long day hunting... )
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Okay, all the responses I've had so far seem pretty positive, so here goes: the official [community profile] creepypasta opening contest!

Rules are fairly simple:

  • You all have three weeks to produce something that is both original and creepy, in whatever format you'd prefer - short fiction, description of a real event (famous/historic or personal, either way), photography, artwork, you name it. Submitting more than one entry is fine.
  • You can post your entries on this community, in your own journal, on your own website, anywhere you like - just make sure you leave a link in the comments of this post, so I can find it.
  • On the 27th of May, we'll vote on the entries, in two categories (written and visual). The winner in each category will get six months' premium paid account, and the admiration and respect of their peers. Every single person who enters will get my undying gratitude.
  • In the meantime, please feel free to continue to post/discuss/recommend creepy stuff that's not of your own making - this community isn't just for writers and artists and I don't want to give the impression that I'm all ORIGINAL CONTENT OR GTFO, you know?

... and I think that's about it; if anyone has any questions or suggestions or wants to point out something really obvious I've overlooked, please let me know. Now, go make creepy stuff!
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... Wow, I cannot believe we have over fifty members already! Hello all of you.

So, I really want this community to be active and healthy and everything, and thought it'd be fun to do something to get it started. Also, I am really liking Dreamwidth so far, and want to throw some money at them. To this end, I am considering running an original-creepypasta contest, with paid account time as prizes. So, questions!

1. Is this a good idea, or a terrible one?
2. If the consensus is "good", should it be a text-only thing or would it be more awesome to include creepy photographs, artwork, etc as well? (I suppose we could always have two categories and a prize for each...)
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So, a first post to kick this thing off...

What's your favourite scary story? Creepypasta, childhood ghost stories, and full-fledged horror novels all count. Which one stops you sleeping at night?



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